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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hi all! Hope your week is going by great! The hubby and I have decided we are finally going to give our outdated bathroom a new style. I am so excited, because I am absolutely tired of seeing the outdated old stuff in there. You know...the 1970's style vanity that was painted white by the previous owner to make it appear new, the really old (turned yellow) tiles, the same paint as the rest of the house (I guess those people thought a neutral colour choice would be best for the ENTIRE home!) and just how dark the room appears. I haven't taken any pictures to show you yet. But that is because we haven't really started buying stuff for the bathroom yet. So keep an eye out to see when we do start the reno process, which should be within the next couple weeks!

As any good decorator and DIY-do-er (does that make sense?), I invested some time into searching up for inspiration. I think I have good taste, but I also think I need to freshen up on my good taste. So I was searching on the HGTV Canada website for bathroom inspiration. This is a collection of what I have found that appeal to me and to our current bathroom.

Our bathroom is small, so small that you can practically touch either sides of the walls just by standing in the middle! So something light and airy will do this bathroom good. I like white, and white really opens up any room. I like this bathroom since the paint is very light, and the colour choice of the vanity and mirror is white. It makes the room look big and bright. Plus the lighting fixture is pretty!

Again, same thing with this bathroom style. However, the wall colour appears to be white, with dark grey accent tiles in the shower. What a dramatic statement!

I love this colour choice for the bathroom. This is the exact (reverse) layout of our bathroom - toilet and sink on one wall, and bathtub on the opposite wall. But minus the big window. We have no windows in our bathroom, which is why I want a light colour palette and a light vanity with much-needed lighting!

Again, loving the colour choice that is reflected in the big mirror. But I love the white counter and dark vanity! Makes the room look so modern.

I just love the glass shelf above the toilet - so modern! Plus that grey-brown colour choice is oh-so chic!

Again, loving the dark vanity, white sink and blue wall colour.

So as you can see (and now I can see too!), I really want to go with the grey or blue light tone for the wall colour, big mirrors, and lots of lighting. However, I am still torn between a dark brown colour for the vanity or a lighter choice. I think I need to do more searching and thinking for this one. But as long as we tear down those ugly tiles and replace with something that is easier to deal with, I still have time to think of the colour of the vanity! Stay tuned, I will update you all on what my choices are, what the bathroom looks like currently, and our entire reno project! :)


  1. So, how did the bathroom renovation turn out? I like the 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos! I imagine combining them all into one design; the tile walls of the second photo, with the arrangement of the third one, then add the mirror and counter top in the fourth photo. =) Arthur

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