Holiday Favourite Things

Monday, December 17, 2012

I thought this post would be best to make today, since we are now in the single digits of the countdown until Christmas, and I know I still have to pick up a few more things for gifts (meaning I have to drag myself to the mall which is probably the busiest time ever!). So I thought I would mention to you what my favourite  things are during the holiday season that help reduce my stress.

1. Parchment Paper
Yes, parchment paper is on the top of my list. Why? Because I avoid having to grease, bake, and re-wash my pans when making cookies. I reuse the parchment paper and end up making 4-5 batches of cookies until I can throw it away. It is easy, convenient, and such a great product! I just started using it this year, and it has truly sped up my time that I am in the kitchen.

2. Christmas Music
Where I live, there are two particular stations that start playing Christmas music from mid-November until December 26th. So I always tune in to these radio stations to help me get in the mood for Christmas. I listed when I decorate the tree, bake cookies and meals, wrap presents, and even drive to work or shopping. I know that I only have about a month’s worth of these Christmas songs, so no I do not get tired from listening to “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer”! Plus, with the holiday madness on the roads, I just crank up my holiday tunes and that helps me stay sane!

3. Christmas Notebook
I have a little book where I keep all of my “to-do” lists organized. I specifically bought a red one this year so I can keep my cooking and baking ideas, present lists, and anything else that comes up. Before I go shopping, I make sure to look through this book and see if and what I need to buy. And I always check over my recipes to make sure I have all of the ingredients called for.

4. Wine
I always make sure to have a bottle of wine during the holiday season. This is for many reasons, other than what you are thinking! Yes I do like to indulge in a glass every now and then, but I also have a bottle in case we get some unexpected visitors, or I am just too busy cooking for guests that I have no time to run out to the store and buy a bottle. It is also a back-up gift, cause you never know when you’ll need it!

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