5k Run Update

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello friends! I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. I had my 5k "Zombie Run" on Saturday. It was honestly something I could not have ever prepared for! I thought this run would be a straight, on-the-road type of run. Boy was I wrong! It's called a zombie run for one reason: you are given three "lives" (or flags) and you have to finish the line with one flag in tact, meaning that you have survived from the zombies! The course was not as easy as I thought it would be. We ran through the forest, up and down steep slopes, over pits of mud, and through tall grass. The obstacles were honestly tough - over hay stacks, over cars, and through large sewer pipes.

I honestly thought it was like a military training boot camp! And on top of it all you have to run from the zombies chasing you. It tested both my fitness level and endurance level! But I made it, and I survived! Ok, I didn't "survive" with any lives (only one from our 4 team group did), but I now know I can handle hard and tough events like these. I never ended up taking any pictures of the event (I mean, who could with the zombies after you!) but I will share a few from the event's Facebook page (giving all rights of the pictures to them). Enjoy!

A few of the 2,000 zombies that attended the event.
The famous mud pit!
The hay hurdle...which was at the very start of the race! And if that didn't kill you then running up the tall hill did! It kicked our butts, but the long road ahead was not any better!
Over the meadow and through the woods...of the dead!

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